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HxB Challenged Steps Guide


Welcome to HxB Challenged, are you ready to be the best version of yourself for the next 8 weeks and hopefully much longer?


This 8 week challenge has been designed to make each and every participant work harder than they ever have before whilst facing barriers and learning to go through them and beyond. 


This 8 week program aims to challenge the human body and mindset designed so that  just when you think there is no more in the tank we make you get back up and do another round.


By the end you will have been pushed to your maximum and only when all steps have been completed can you say that you have successfully completed the HxB Challenge.


What do I have to do?

Simply follow each step in order and follow the rules of the challenge.


What are the rules?

  1. All steps must be completed in order

  2. Exercises must be completed in order

  3. You must have at least one rest day from exercising per week

  4. You must not eat any added sugar for 8 weeks

  5. You must not drink any alcohol for 8 weeks

  6. You must not smoke for 8 weeks

  7. You must drink at least 2litres of water each day for 8 weeks

  8. You must complete at least 7000 daily steps for 8 weeks

  9. You must not eat any takeaway for 8 weeks

  10. You must check in with your personal trainer at the end of each week.


What are the steps?

Step 1. 

Read all files carefully, fill out all forms, take first progress pics and take measurements: hips, bust, stomach, upper thighs, upper arms, weight in kg. Complete your first workout. (tip: set up all equipment needed for the session before you start).


Step 2-11.

Do workouts.


Step 12.

Update progress pics and measurements. Do workouts. 


Step 13-24.

Do workouts.


Step 25.

Do workout. Take final progress pics and measurements. Complete feedback. Consult your personal trainer.

Once all steps are completed and forms are submitted you will become eligible for your FREE HxB Fitness T Shirt!


Good Luck!


Your personal trainers name is Hiram and you can reach him Via email or WhatsApp messenger 07939572099

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